Song for the Beach Carillon (II)
(Piano and Guitar version)

by Maya Verlaak

 This piece is written for the Carillon in Scheveningen. The Carillon in Scheveningen is very close to the beach and sits in a church on a nice calm square. I focussed on writing the piece for those people sitting each day on this square.

In my work, I use the characteristics and limitations of instruments as compositional tools for generating material and structures. Because of this working method, my pieces are tied to particular performers and instruments. This necessitates rewriting the piece when it is taken up by different performers, forcing me to re-evaluate the connection between my musical concepts and their means of execution. Asking Leo to play this piece on piano took me to interesting re-evaluations.

In this piece, I'm performing on a very special guitar. The guitar has light sensors connected under the frets, like this,
depending on the chord I'm playing, the live electronics get triggered. The electronics are "listening" to the piano, a microphone picks up the piano pitches and reacts with Carillon harmonics, but those are again in time, only triggered by the guitar.

The piece was performed on 11 May 2015 in Korzo Theater, The Hague, (NL)
Piano: Leo Svirsky

Guitar: Maya Verlaak
You can see a video here: