Series: All (x) music is (y)
All Dutch music is Andriessen
written for Ensemble Klang
Maya Verlaak
September 2014

“All Dutch music is Andriessen” is part of a series of 3 pieces, composed between november 2013 and june 2014. The two other pieces in this set are “All English music is Greensleeves” for BCMG ensemble, and “All Verlaak’s Music is Alouette”, written for the London Sinfonietta.

I have studied at The Hague conservatoire, I left Holland for one year, and travelled to Birmingham conservatoire.
During this year I reflected a lot on my 5 years in The Hague and my “composing ways”. I remembered how Gilius van Bergeijk once told me that basically all English composers ever do is re-write Greensleeves over and over.

Writing for London Sinfonietta looked like a very major project so I decided to look back to my childhood and listened to all the cassettes of recordings of my voice and self-built instruments that I made between 3-8 years old. Listening a lot to it, I thought I could hear a tiny bit of my bedtime song Alouette.

A few months ago I had a masterclass with Frederik Rzweski in Birmingham. I mentioned I studied in the Netherlands and in anger he said that he didn’t like Dutch orchestras and that all spectral music is just like Dutch orchestras. I asked him to explain what he meant, and he said that all Dutch orchestras are out of tune, just like spectral music. I mentioned this to another composer present at the London Sinfonietta rehearsal; he analyzed this remark as a criticism of Louis Andriessen's decision to write an orchestral piece, something he had long claimed he would never do. In All Dutch Music is Andriessen I tried to make Ensemble Klang sound like an orchestra and used musical material referencing the Nutcracker action on 17 November 1969.
The Nutcracker action interruped the orchestra performing Quantz Flute concerto.
All musical material in my piece comes from Quantz Flute concerto in G major, Allegro Vivace and Tschaïkowsky's Nutcracker Ballet, Allegro Vivace, La porte s'ouvre, L'entréé des enfants. My orchestration also refers to Louis Andriessen.

Video of Ensemble Klang performance at Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht, 2014 (NL)