by Maya Verlaak
In residency at ‘Stichting Grasland’
(In memory of Hans Asselbergs)

For a few months, I got to stay at the house of the Asselbergs family in Haarlem, (NL). Hans Asselbergs, a percussionist, composer and instrument builder, past away and I was asked to investigate all of his instruments left behind in the house, to compose a new hour long piece to be presented at the 'Vishal' in Haarlem within a big festival around Hans Asslebergs work.

It was a very difficult process. Many instruments were very big and sometimes it wasn't very clear how they were used or had to be fixed by me.

You can see a video of my work in process here: I extended this instrument ('De kogelmachine') with batteries and speakers, everytime the balls would touch each other the electricity would pass through and the speaker would crack.

You can see a video of the final performance result here: