Reinventing Forgotten Instruments
(series of 7 pieces)
by Maya Verlaak

Research pieces October 2014 – April 2015

The pieces are part of my final Masters degree thesis.

How can (forgotten) instruments, as concept or practice, be re-contextualized in music practice and composition today?

Employing music instruments’ history to reinvent forgotten instruments and use their context to revise creative compositional writing.
1) October 2014
Research piece I: Glass harmonica

2) November 2014
Research piece II: Nail violin

3) December 2014
Research piece III: Tromba Marina

4) January 2015
Research piece IV: Aeolian Harp

5) February 2015
Research piece V: Lira Organizzata

6) March 2015
Research piece VI: Cat piano vs Clavecin Electrique

7) April 2015
Research piece VII: Clavecin Oculaire

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