'Ping pong' or 'Cornelis and Louis'
by Maya Verlaak

A Composition made for a composition class workshop with 'Slagwerk Den Haag' in the Royal conservatory of Den Haag, Netherlands.

Based on a ping pong game Louis Andriessen and Cornelis de Bondt played in the 70s and which was recorded by Dick Raaijmakers. He composed the piece 'Ping Pong' with it. After analysis of Dick Raaijmakers piece, I was able to extract the orginal sound of the ping pong game and made my own composition with it.

A video of the workshop with Slagwerk Den Haag
and a second video
October 2013, Performed at Birmingham Conservatoire, by Joe Cutler, Luke Deane, Ryan Probert and Max Tomlinson.