Maya Verlaak

Composer & performer

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October 2017 - Synzine#6

June 2017 - Music and/as Process album
"All English Music is Greensleeves" for solo accordion
Performed by Howard Skempton
Published by reductive.
(All rights belong to their respective artists)

September 2016 - Audio DH - release Sonic Manifestations by 250 artists from Den Haag
Concept & Direction: Francisco López

General Coordination: Barbara Ellison
Production: iii

'Tape piece' by Maya Verlaak & Andy Ingamells
'Song for the Beach Carillon (II)' with Leo Svirsky
'Introduction to Topaksy' with Yedo Gibson
'Damien Hirst is a fucking fuck' with Acid Police Noise Ensemble

September 2016 - Book for new Carillon music - Stichting Carillon Den Haag Haags Beiaardboek 5, New Catch 2015,
New Carillon compositions by composers from The Hague (NL)
Editor: Gijsbert Kok
's-Gravenhage (2016)

2014 - London Sinfonietta performing 'All Verlaak's Music is Alouette'
NMC Recordings

2013 - Acid Police Noise Ensemble: Live at Delta Works by G Douglas Barrett, Joseph Kudirka, Taylan Susam and James Tenney
Acid Police Noise Ensemble
APNE, (2013)

2012 - Synzine#3:ALMOSTNONOTES Works by Andy Ingamels, Cristiano Melli, Anna Mikhailova,
Michalis Paraskakis, Daniel Slabosky, Georgi Sztojanov,
Yasmin Tal-Porat, Akiko Ushijima, Maya Verlaak, Robert Blatt and Lucie Vitkova

2012 - Eavesdropping 'Pars Pro Toto' performed with Acid Police Noise Ensemble
Other works by Anne Wellmer, BMB con., Jeroen Uyttendaele,
Lars Kynde, Michele Spanghero, Wen Chin Fu

2011 - Extraordinary Renditions - Acid Police Noise Ensemble
'Pop Dust I, II, III' and other works or collaborations
with David Pocknee, Leo Svirsky and Robert Blatt
Released on Zero Moon

My work and/or collaborations have also been mentioned/referred to in the following publications:

2016 - Tempo - A quarterly review of new music Vol.70 No.278 - October 2016
Erwin M., (2016) Here comes newer despair. Cambrdige university press, pp 15

2015 - Exit Gemak, All Art is Political Operandi. Gemak, The Hague (NL) pp 32- 33